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Some Tips to Consider Before Buying Ink or Toner Cartridged Online
by exceltoner1

We know the holiday season is coming. And nowadays, people generate
and print their own Christmas cards to give these a more personal touch.
But imagine when have to replace your ink or toner cartridge to print
your cards. This is when the holiday season can become a nightmare. It
can be harassing especially when you’re out along with the rest of the
world for some last minute shopping. Aside from joining the “rat race”
in malls and shops, you’ll also be most likely stuck in heavy traffic.
Just thinking about this scenario can pretty much discourage you from
going out of the house and save yourself from all those troubles. This is
where online shopping comes in. Online shopping allows you to shop
and buy what you need without leaving your house. All you need is a
computer and an Internet connection. Good thing we now have online
stores for your printer supply needs. Aside from the convenience of
doing your shopping within the comforts of your own home, buying
toner or ink cartridges.
However, there are a few things that you should know before you
actually make the online purchase. Online shopping is not safe because
there are possibilities of you paying too much or not getting the quality
that you deserve. To address this, Excel Toner gives you a few tips on
how to purchase your ink or toner cartridge online. These tips are
applicable not only to toner and ink cartridges but also to other products
available via online shopping.
Check or verify company information – Technically, you should go for a
company that’s into selling ink and toner cartridges online for several
years. The longer they are in the service, the better. You should look for
companies that have more than two years experience in online selling to
ensure smooth transactions. It is also better if the website carries a
complete address and contact details. A street address is better than a
P.O. Box address. The company should preferably have a toll-free
number or a customer service hotline that is available 24/7. Lastly, the
printer manufacturer or seller should also have a genuine email address
so you can contact them easily, anytime and anywhere. Check out Excel
Toner with seven years experience in online selling.
Good website information – Online companies should have a good and
user-friendly websites. Customers should be able to understand all
information posted and should be able to easily navigate through the
site. Good online companies provide information on their websites
including a glossary of terms that explains all the details about the ink
and toner cartridges that they are selling; FAQ which answers the
common inquiries that the company receives from its customers;
company refund policy which explains how the customer can request for
a refund .
User-friendly product catalog or easy-to-use product selection –
Customers should be able to navigate through the site and find the ink or
toner cartridge that they need easily. This should take only a few
Updated prices – One of the reasons why you opted for online shopping
is because you want to save yourself from the hazards and expenses you
would encounter when you go to a physical store. Online printer
supplies stores should state their prices clearly and plainly. Indicate if
the posted price is valid and up-to-date and if it already includes
shipping costs and other fees. In general, online stores offer cheaper ink
and toner cartridges so you’ll definitely pay less than when you go and
buy from a store.
Money back guarantee – Online companies that sell ink and toner
cartridges should offer an unconditional money back guarantee. This
means that you can always get in touch with the company if you are not
satisfied with their product and arrange for a refund or exchange.
Shipping information – Customers should verify the shipping
information of the online store first before making the purchase. Check
if the company offers free shipping. If not, clarify the shipping cost, lead
time and courier.
Secure server – Always verify if the online store has a secure server to
ensure that your personal information will remain private. This also
makes payment easier and faster.
Privacy policy – When making purchases, customers have to enter their
personal details. A company’s privacy policy ensures that they will not
give your information to other companies and that you will not receive
junk mails or spams.
Order tracking – Online stores provide an order tracking function that
allows customers to see the location and status of their purchase. In
some cases, the online store gives customer the tracking number so they
can track it through the shipping company.
Following these tips will certainly make your purchase transactions
smooth and stress-free. This also ensures that you get the best warranty,
service and products in the market at cheaper costs (of course).
We are one of the Largest Store to Provide Quality Laser Toners & Printers
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December 29th


How to distinguish between an Ink Cartridge, a Print Head and a Toner Cartridge
by exceltoner1

Printers have become a daily part of our lives. We consider them as very important
tools for work, business and even for schools. This is why it is important for you to
know the components of your printer systems.
Excel Toner gives you the very basic pointers on how you can differentiate
between an ink cartridge, a print head and a toner cartridge from each other. These
are the most important components of printer systems. Without these, any type or
brand of printer will not be complete and you will not be able to see the output of
your documents or any graphics.
A print head and a cartridge are two different things.
A print head is a component that has the printer nozzle. This nozzle releases the
ink from the cartridge to the paper during the printing process.
A cartridge has two types. It can either be a printer ink cartridge or a laser toner
cartridge. As their names imply, a printer ink cartridge contains ink while a laser
toner cartridge contains toner. These are different because printer ink is liquid
while toner is dry ink in powder form. Whether its printer ink or toner, both come
out of their cartridges through the nozzle in the print head to the paper.
Ink Cartridge Price vs. Toner Cartridge Price
Yes, there are difference in prices of ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Printer ink
cartridges are cheaper than laser toner cartridges. The choice of which type of
printer or cartridge to use depend on the printing job and quality that you need.
Laser toner cartridges can give better page yield and print quality than printer ink
Ink Cartridge Print Speed vs. Toner Cartridge Print Speed
In terms of printing speeds, a laser toner cartridge prints faster than a printer ink
cartridge. This is due to the different and more advanced print head technology
commonly used in laser printers.
Print Quality: Ink vs. Toner
Yes, there is a difference in the print quality between using a toner and using an
ink. Technically, laser toner cartridges give better print quality than printer ink
cartridges. However, the difference is not very noticeable and significant.
In spite of these differences, the choice on which cartridge to use remains to be
yours. It will depend on what you need or what you want. A laser toner cartridge
is not essentially better than a printer ink cartridge and vice versa.
We are one of the Largest Store to Provide Quality Laser Toners & Printers
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December 29th


Buying Printer Toners
by exceltoner1

Printing can be a very costly thing to get involved with in these current times.
Printer manufacturers know and take advantage of this fact. You can get a printer really cheap
and it would appear that you are getting a superb deal, only to find that your printer
is exceptionally hungry for ink and that the printer cartridges are as much as the
printer itself! Very soon you can find that your cheap printer is a very expensive
Buying printer toners can be a bit of a nightmare for anybody. You
can choose to buy the printer manufacturers own brand of toners (OEM) or alternatively there
are tons of compatible toners by a host of additional brands that you can choose
The bottom line is that printer ink cartridges and printer toner cartridges are very costly. It is all too
simple for the manufacturer to make their toner cartridge look much less expensive
than anyone else by just putting less ink in it. Of course, the end result of this is, is
that the ink will run out earlier so it is not a good value for your money.
One additional issue with certain makers of printer toners is that the toner cartridge
states that it is empty a long time before it is actually empty. How many times have
you given your toner cartridge a shake once it states it is empty then to find that
you get a handful or additional pages before it reports as empty once more. You
can usually repeat this method a lot of times before it just becomes too annoying
and you begin to consider replacing the toner cartridge.
There is a number of credible printer toners manufacturers around that try and
supply you the best value for your money. These are often companies that do not
manufacture printers themselves so that they have no unfair sway towards which
printer model they may want to promote. You should want the printer toner
company to be transparent in regards to their practices. They should be topping
your toner up to the maximum with ink and they should use the relevant
technology to assure that your printer only tells you that your toner is empty when
it really is!
A great way of judging how well a printer will perform is if the anticipated page
yield is supplied by the printer toner manufacturer. The page yield illustrates the
number of pages you would anticipate to get from a new toner cartridge. More
often than not the percentage of coverage per page is based on 5%. If you trust that
the toner brand you are choosing is going to present you an excellent quality print
then look towards the page yield details and you will see how many pages you can
count on. This will permit you to more accurately compare prices from one brand
to another.
Just remember – if a printer toner is half the price but does less than half the yield it
is not providing value for your money!
Excel Toner has a huge selection of printer toners and all other computer parts
online at great prices
We are one of the Largest Store to Provide Quality Laser Toners & Printers
Feel free to visit our website: – http://www.exceltoner.ca/

Or you can always call us #Toll Free: (866) 438-1120

Montreal: 1-514-667-2433
Toronto: 1-416-907-4910
Vancouver: 1-604-288-2402
Fax: (866) 511-6774
Email: – support@exceltoner.ca


December 29th


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December 28th


Hello world!
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