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5 facts / checks to consider before throwing away your old Printer
by exceltoner1

Has your printer stopped printing? This  can happen with older printers but please try

Go through the 5 step checklist before you discard your printer.

Several things can fix printing issues. Some are  simple checks and others are more complicated.

This article presents the five things you can do to repair printing or your printer. After that, you are free to get a hammer and take out your frustration on your device, and buy a new cheaper one. We begin here with an easy check and then progress to the more complex issues to resolve.


Check 1: Printing devices must be powered-on to print. Please make sure that the power is

turned on and that the power-on light is lit. At this time it is best to make sure that all cables

are plugged into the device and that there are no error indicators lit. A quick check of the

paper tray and paper hopper is in order as well. These should have a sufficient supply of fresh

paper in them.


Check 2: Please make sure that you are using the printer you are expecting. To verify this when

using Microsoft® Word, please click on the upper left menu item “File” and then “Print” from

the drop down menu. This reveals the printing panel to the right of the drop-down menu. In the

printing panel on the upper left is the print button. Immediately below that the printer is

identified. If the name of this device is not the printer you are expecting to use, there is a triangle

pointing down on the right-hand side. Clicking on this triangle reveals a drop-down list of

printers to which your computer can send the document for printing. Please make sure you have

selected the printer that you expect to use. There are similar selections computer programs

permit you to verify and to select the printer you wish to use.

You can print on a different printer as a test. When the document prints on the other printer, your

printer has the problem. This helps you identify precisely the problem hardware and software



Check 3: Please verify that the documents waiting to print are not stopped. When a printer

encounters any problem printing a document, it just stops printing. Any document that is

subsequently sent to the printer cannot be printed until the previous document is completely



Check 4: Many printing problems are caused by the loss of connection between the computer

and the printer. To check the printer connection on Windows 7® you again click on the “Start”

button and open “Devices and Printers”. In the devices and printers window you select the printer

you are using, click the right mouse button to open a pop-up menu, and you select “Printer

properties”. The printer properties window should open on the “General” tab. In the lower right

should be the “Print Test Page” button. Clicking on this button is a quick way to test whether the

computer is connected to the printer. It should immediately print a test page on the printer. If it

does not print a test page, then the link to the printer may not be functioning properly.

To verify the computer’s connection to the printer you select the “Ports” tab. The “Ports” tab

identifies the port that connects the computer to the printer. When the printer is connected by a

USB cable to the computer, the port label identifies a USB port. Sometimes unplugging a USB

cable and plugging it into a different USB port re-establishes the connection between the

computer and the printer.

Driver programs connecting Windows to the printer port may not be functioning properly with

Windows. In this case reinstalling the latest printer driver programs can resolve this issue. The

driver programs must typically match exactly the version of Windows on the computer. Often

separate driver programs are used for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows®. The latest

driver programs are found at the printer manufacturer’s website.

If the printer is a network printer, a standard TCP/IP port is checked. A TCP/IP port connection

can be broken when the incorrect printer IP address is used. To reconnect the printer to the

computer, make sure that the IP address on the computer is the same as the IP address assigned

to the printer. When the printer is a wireless printer, verifying the connection becomes more

difficult. Similar to any other network connected printer, a wireless printer must have the IP

address match the address used by the TCP/IP port on the computer.

Sometimes the printer may be identified by name and not by IP address. If the name is correct, a

test page should print on the printer. When a test page does not print, the most direct resolution

of the problem may be re-installation of the printer. This would require the original printer

installation CDs or a download of the installation software from the printer manufacturer’s



Check 5: Wireless printers often lose their connections to the network. This can be verified by

going to the printer and selecting from the printer menus a print out of the network configuration.

An alternate test is to use a different computer to print a test page to the wireless printer.

And last thing is you have to find out the most trusted vendor for you who will help you out in

finding the best printer for you according to your needs


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May 19th


Things to consider before buying a printer for your office
by exceltoner1

Are you planning to buy a printer?  Well, the selection of the right one is not easy, as there are many types of printers available with different specifications depending on your printing needs. This article will discuss various technical aspects and other factors to consider when purchasing a printer.


Evaluate your printing needs:

Every organization has different needs for printing. Before buying a printer, you

should analyze your needs and answer some questions – Do you need a printer just

to print text, graphics, photos or all of the above? Need to print documents in large or small volumes? What is the priority – the quality, quantity or speed? Do you need a printer that is shared by a working group or do you need for home users? Need a color printer or black and white printer? What is your budget?

Once you are well versed with all your needs, you must then figure out the technical aspects of a printer.


Printer types:

The market is packed with various types of bar code printers, such as printers,

scanners and Med-matrix printers, label printers, laser printers and ink jet printers.

The latter company is the multifunction printer. For printing text documents, inkjet

printers and dot matrix printers are an appropriate option. For printing graphics and

images, color laser printers make the best choice. Printing large number of

documents that directly affect the speed and cost of printing. Again, if you need to

print large volumes, but the quality is not a problem – dot matrix printers are the

best option.



The speed of a printer is measured by the number of printed pages per minute

(ppm). So before buying a printer search online and find out the best store which

can help you find the most suitable printer for you, according to your



Paper Handling:

In general all printers have the ability to print on standard paper, with letter and

legal sizes. Most printers have personal input and output paper trays for paper

handling facility. Paper-handling capabilities of inkjet printers is lower than laser

printers. Purchase of inkjet printers by reloading the paper tray with more

frequency than in a laser printer. High-end printers have better paper handling

and have an available option for printing on both sides ie duplexing and printing on tabloid-sized papers too. If your need for printing is above average, focus on printers that have high capacity for handling paper and verify that the printer should print without bending or folding the sheet.



High-capacity memory helps to increase the speed of the printer and it is very

beneficial to the needs of printing graphics. If you are planning to change your

printer with a printer of high memory, review your current printer for memory

expansion. Some printers have the option to upgrade the memory. It is advisable to

buy everything in one printer with large memory capacity for greater



Connectivity and compatibility:

Buy a printer that is compatible with your system. Also check that the printer has

software that matches your network if you plan to install a printer from your workplace.

Buy printers that have a USB port so that they can be easily connected (USB 2.0).

To fulfill their needs for network printing, it is necessary to have an Ethernet



Compare prices:

Review and compare prices before buying a printer. Calculate the gross

expenditures, which include the cost of the printer, the cost of packing and shipping cost. Often dealers add hidden fees to the cost of the printer after you place the order. Compare the cost with other vendors before making the final decision.

To meet their printing needs in its budget, buy a multifunction printer that includes

a scanner, fax and printer.


Buying online:

For the safety of the printer shopping online, be sure to ask everything regarding

mode of payment services, technical support, warranties, guarantees, shipping

policy, private and the policy of return policy. Buy only from reliable printer

distributors to make sure you are buying genuine high-quality printers and not the

knock off ones.

And the last thing is you need to find out the most trusted vendor who will

help you find the best printer for you according to your needs

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Toronto: 1-416-907-4910

Vancouver: 1-604-288-2402

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May 19th