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How to select the Best Laser Printer
by exceltoner1

How to select the Best Laser Printer

Before determining the best laser printer that is suitable to your needs, the first thing you should do is understand the basics about printer. The printer has two ways to produce a picture; an inkjet printer produces a picture by spraying very small dots of ink onto the paper while a laser printing device produces a picture by dispersing powdered toner to paper which goes by an electrically charged drum. If you need to print more photos or graphics and less text-based documents, you had better buy an inkjet printer.

But if you need to print many text-based documents, a laser printer will be the best choice for you. Choosing the right device for printing is very important because if you frequently print many documents and you use an inkjet printer, you will spend more money over the lifetime of the printer. Since you would end up purchasing many more cartridges with lower yields.


Monochrome or Color Laser Printer

You can find a black and white laser printing device for less than $150. These types are usually cost effective plus cheaper to maintain as compared to inkjet printers. A color laser printer is significantly higher-priced, and it is right here that you can be persuaded to select an inkjet printer as an alternative. Remember that the first investment pertaining to color toner cartridges enhances the upfront price of a color laser printer, yet color printing is going to definitely cost cheaper per page than inkjet printers Although some color laser printers can handle printing photographs, the picture quality will be substantially worse than inkjet printers. That is why if you have a strong intention to print photo, it is recommended that you select an inkjet printer.


Print Quality

A laser printing device can yield crisp and razor-sharp text output associated with simple graphics (grayscale) yet it doesn’t mean you need to neglect resolution specifications entirely. Printer resolution is usually assessed in dots per inch. If you have a printer which has higher resolution so it will result in sharper and crisper print jobs. That is why it is worth taking into consideration if you will print graphics. Monochrome/grayscale laser printing device have resolution at 1200 by 1200 or 600 by 600; however, these scales are usually more than enough regarding printing text and graphics. The resolution of Color laser printing device is often as high as 2400 by 1200, that increases the quality of the color print.


Printer Memory

Memory space decides how fast your printing device prints plus the quality of the prints it creates. Printing devices with laser technology save documents within memory. The more memory enables you to print a higher resolution at quicker speeds.

If you deliver a high-resolution work to your printing device yet do not have the memory to take care of it, the printer instantly sets the work’s resolution to check the actual printer’s capabilities.

Memory space upgrades are relatively affordable, therefore if you select a cheaper laser printing device along with less memory, search for one which can allow memory space upgrades, particularly important if you will do network the printer with several users in your workplace. The majority of the expensive laser printing device is equipped with at least 64MB of memory space. If you are purchasing for a large business with many print jobs, select a laser printer which can be upgraded to 128MB. Once again, if velocity is the key element, take into consideration to buy the model with additional memory space.


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July 12th


Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Toner Cartridges
by exceltoner1

Inkjet printers and the Laser printers are two major types of printers available in the market to choose from. You are free to choose according to your needs and demands depending upon your nature of work. Laser toners are used in the laser printer and the inkjet printers use ink cartridges in order to function. Both of these categories have their own demand in the printing market. Before going more in depth, to know the advantages and disadvantages of a laser toner cartridge, you need to explore them a little more. Below is the general information about a laser toner that will provide you a better understanding.

What is a Laser Printer & a Laser Toner?

A device that creates a print by using a laser beam is known as laser printer. A strong light is produced by the laser while printing on a drum. That light is powerful enough to convert the electric charge to generate a print on drum. Later on a tank of toner is used to spin the drum. Polymer and carbon particles are major components of laser toner which is a powdered blend. The negative electric charges use particles of toner to print on the paper when the drum rolls. If you analyze the printing machines available in the market, you will find laser printing machines are faster and more efficient than any other printing machines available in the market. Following are some of the top advantages of laser toners but not limited to.

Advantages of Laser Toner

A laser toner was revolutionary in the printing industry and made it faster and more efficient than ever before. Laser toner is the backbone of fast printing speed in the industry. The printing speed will be at 20 to 30% if laser toners are not used. They are far superior to the inkjet cartridges when we talk about quick action. The laser toner will be at the top of the list when you expect accuracy in the printing. The laser toner helps the laser printer to print many pages at a time with the quick speed. When it comes to top quality image printing, you will not achieve the same results and quality from inkjet printing. The laser toners are available online to buy.

Disadvantages of Laser Toner

The cost of the laser toner is the most important thing that needs to be considered while choosing a laser toner. They are expensive and also require more storage area. Refilling an inkjet printer is not a very difficult task. You can complete the refilling process yourself at your office or home. Contrary to this, the laser toner cannot be changed or refilled by a common person having some knowledge about laser printing. You need an expert to handle this task. You will have to pay to the expert for refilling the laser toner that makes it costly. If we conclude, the advantages of laser toner are more than its disadvantages. Choose the best one that suits your needs.

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July 12th


5 facts / checks to consider before throwing away your old Printer
by exceltoner1

Has your printer stopped printing? This  can happen with older printers but please try

Go through the 5 step checklist before you discard your printer.

Several things can fix printing issues. Some are  simple checks and others are more complicated.

This article presents the five things you can do to repair printing or your printer. After that, you are free to get a hammer and take out your frustration on your device, and buy a new cheaper one. We begin here with an easy check and then progress to the more complex issues to resolve.


Check 1: Printing devices must be powered-on to print. Please make sure that the power is

turned on and that the power-on light is lit. At this time it is best to make sure that all cables

are plugged into the device and that there are no error indicators lit. A quick check of the

paper tray and paper hopper is in order as well. These should have a sufficient supply of fresh

paper in them.


Check 2: Please make sure that you are using the printer you are expecting. To verify this when

using Microsoft® Word, please click on the upper left menu item “File” and then “Print” from

the drop down menu. This reveals the printing panel to the right of the drop-down menu. In the

printing panel on the upper left is the print button. Immediately below that the printer is

identified. If the name of this device is not the printer you are expecting to use, there is a triangle

pointing down on the right-hand side. Clicking on this triangle reveals a drop-down list of

printers to which your computer can send the document for printing. Please make sure you have

selected the printer that you expect to use. There are similar selections computer programs

permit you to verify and to select the printer you wish to use.

You can print on a different printer as a test. When the document prints on the other printer, your

printer has the problem. This helps you identify precisely the problem hardware and software



Check 3: Please verify that the documents waiting to print are not stopped. When a printer

encounters any problem printing a document, it just stops printing. Any document that is

subsequently sent to the printer cannot be printed until the previous document is completely



Check 4: Many printing problems are caused by the loss of connection between the computer

and the printer. To check the printer connection on Windows 7® you again click on the “Start”

button and open “Devices and Printers”. In the devices and printers window you select the printer

you are using, click the right mouse button to open a pop-up menu, and you select “Printer

properties”. The printer properties window should open on the “General” tab. In the lower right

should be the “Print Test Page” button. Clicking on this button is a quick way to test whether the

computer is connected to the printer. It should immediately print a test page on the printer. If it

does not print a test page, then the link to the printer may not be functioning properly.

To verify the computer’s connection to the printer you select the “Ports” tab. The “Ports” tab

identifies the port that connects the computer to the printer. When the printer is connected by a

USB cable to the computer, the port label identifies a USB port. Sometimes unplugging a USB

cable and plugging it into a different USB port re-establishes the connection between the

computer and the printer.

Driver programs connecting Windows to the printer port may not be functioning properly with

Windows. In this case reinstalling the latest printer driver programs can resolve this issue. The

driver programs must typically match exactly the version of Windows on the computer. Often

separate driver programs are used for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows®. The latest

driver programs are found at the printer manufacturer’s website.

If the printer is a network printer, a standard TCP/IP port is checked. A TCP/IP port connection

can be broken when the incorrect printer IP address is used. To reconnect the printer to the

computer, make sure that the IP address on the computer is the same as the IP address assigned

to the printer. When the printer is a wireless printer, verifying the connection becomes more

difficult. Similar to any other network connected printer, a wireless printer must have the IP

address match the address used by the TCP/IP port on the computer.

Sometimes the printer may be identified by name and not by IP address. If the name is correct, a

test page should print on the printer. When a test page does not print, the most direct resolution

of the problem may be re-installation of the printer. This would require the original printer

installation CDs or a download of the installation software from the printer manufacturer’s



Check 5: Wireless printers often lose their connections to the network. This can be verified by

going to the printer and selecting from the printer menus a print out of the network configuration.

An alternate test is to use a different computer to print a test page to the wireless printer.

And last thing is you have to find out the most trusted vendor for you who will help you out in

finding the best printer for you according to your needs


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May 19th


Things to consider before buying a printer for your office
by exceltoner1

Are you planning to buy a printer?  Well, the selection of the right one is not easy, as there are many types of printers available with different specifications depending on your printing needs. This article will discuss various technical aspects and other factors to consider when purchasing a printer.


Evaluate your printing needs:

Every organization has different needs for printing. Before buying a printer, you

should analyze your needs and answer some questions – Do you need a printer just

to print text, graphics, photos or all of the above? Need to print documents in large or small volumes? What is the priority – the quality, quantity or speed? Do you need a printer that is shared by a working group or do you need for home users? Need a color printer or black and white printer? What is your budget?

Once you are well versed with all your needs, you must then figure out the technical aspects of a printer.


Printer types:

The market is packed with various types of bar code printers, such as printers,

scanners and Med-matrix printers, label printers, laser printers and ink jet printers.

The latter company is the multifunction printer. For printing text documents, inkjet

printers and dot matrix printers are an appropriate option. For printing graphics and

images, color laser printers make the best choice. Printing large number of

documents that directly affect the speed and cost of printing. Again, if you need to

print large volumes, but the quality is not a problem – dot matrix printers are the

best option.



The speed of a printer is measured by the number of printed pages per minute

(ppm). So before buying a printer search online and find out the best store which

can help you find the most suitable printer for you, according to your



Paper Handling:

In general all printers have the ability to print on standard paper, with letter and

legal sizes. Most printers have personal input and output paper trays for paper

handling facility. Paper-handling capabilities of inkjet printers is lower than laser

printers. Purchase of inkjet printers by reloading the paper tray with more

frequency than in a laser printer. High-end printers have better paper handling

and have an available option for printing on both sides ie duplexing and printing on tabloid-sized papers too. If your need for printing is above average, focus on printers that have high capacity for handling paper and verify that the printer should print without bending or folding the sheet.



High-capacity memory helps to increase the speed of the printer and it is very

beneficial to the needs of printing graphics. If you are planning to change your

printer with a printer of high memory, review your current printer for memory

expansion. Some printers have the option to upgrade the memory. It is advisable to

buy everything in one printer with large memory capacity for greater



Connectivity and compatibility:

Buy a printer that is compatible with your system. Also check that the printer has

software that matches your network if you plan to install a printer from your workplace.

Buy printers that have a USB port so that they can be easily connected (USB 2.0).

To fulfill their needs for network printing, it is necessary to have an Ethernet



Compare prices:

Review and compare prices before buying a printer. Calculate the gross

expenditures, which include the cost of the printer, the cost of packing and shipping cost. Often dealers add hidden fees to the cost of the printer after you place the order. Compare the cost with other vendors before making the final decision.

To meet their printing needs in its budget, buy a multifunction printer that includes

a scanner, fax and printer.


Buying online:

For the safety of the printer shopping online, be sure to ask everything regarding

mode of payment services, technical support, warranties, guarantees, shipping

policy, private and the policy of return policy. Buy only from reliable printer

distributors to make sure you are buying genuine high-quality printers and not the

knock off ones.

And the last thing is you need to find out the most trusted vendor who will

help you find the best printer for you according to your needs

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May 19th


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May 10th


A Couple of Myths about Compatible Toner Cartridges
by exceltoner1

A Couple of Myths about Compatible Toner Cartridges

Many people have different views and ideas about compatible toner cartridges.

Most people simply know very little about compatible cartridges. I’d like to

review five myths or misconceptions people may have about compatible laser toner

cartridges. Let’s distinguish between fact and fiction.

Myth #1 Compatible Toner Cartridges are simply cheap cartridges.

It is true that a compatible toner cartridge is cheap in price. However, it is not a

cheap quality toner cartridge. A compatible toner cartridge is a new toner cartridge

manufactured by a third party. It is made from all new parts. It contains the exact

toner required for your laser printer. Most companies give a one-year, one hundred

percent money back guarantee on their compatible toner cartridges. You can

normally purchase a compatible toner cartridge for about half of the cost of a new

OEM toner cartridge.

Myth #2 using a Compatible Toner Cartridge will void my printer warranty.

This is not true. In fact, congress passed a law to make it illegal for a manufacturer

to force you to buy certain supplies. If allowed, this would lead to a monopoly,

high prices and lack of competition.

Myth #3 A Compatible Toner Cartridge will damage my printer.

The truth is a toner cartridge can do very little to damage a laser printer. It is

possible, but unlikely, for a toner cartridge to leak and cause streaking on

your paper. However, a simple cleaning and replacement of the toner cartridge will

solve the problem

Myth #4 Compatible Toner Cartridges produce poor quality print

One of my initial fears in purchasing a compatible toner cartridge was that the print

quality wouldn’t be as good. When I used my first compatible toner cartridge, it

produced exceptionally good quality. I thought it wouldn’t last. I was wrong. In

fact, I printed more pages from that cartridge than I did from my original. After

extensive research, I found that many toner cartridges are not completely filled

with toner when you purchase them. I happened to have purchased a cartridge from

a company that had completely filled the cartridge.

Myth #5 All Compatible Toner Cartridges are the same.

The truth is all compatible toner cartridges are not created equal. This is why you

must purchase your cartridges from a reliable and reputable company.


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May 10th


What is Laser Toner?
by exceltoner1

What is Laser Toner?

Laser toner is one of the most important components of a laser printer. It is referred

to as the ink for laser printers. This toner can be in powder or liquid form packed

into a toner cartridge. The cartridge is responsible for holding and controlling the

ink or the toner. It is made up of hard plastic. It is inserted into a cartridge rack

inside the laser printer, ready to print several pages.


Types of Laser Toner

There are two general types.

The dry toner is typically used for home or company printers. It is created from a

plastic powder, an amalgamation of styrene and acrylic substances. It produces

different colors through the help of added pigments. The carriers help the toner

bits to be charged and be attracted onto the printed material.

There are advantages in using a dry toner. It produces more materials because it

does not need to penetrate the paper fiber. It means less amount of toner is used to

print a page. It prints faster and there’s no need for drying time. Furthermore, there

is no risk of accidentally staining the printouts. Dry toner is also better for the

environment. It has no harmful solvents. Dry toner has more stable colors, as well.

The other type of laser toner is the liquid toner. It is mainly of pigmented acrylic

resin elements. The dye or the pigmentation enables the liquid toner to form colors.

The resin particles are placed into a protecting liquid. The advantages of using

liquid toner are as follows: The printer doesn’t need to warm up when printing. The

printed texts/images are hard to fade. It is because the printed texts/images are

more embedded into the paper.


How Laser Toner Works and How does the printer use the laser toner to print texts or


The powder is stored into a toner hopper located inside a removable casing most

often referred to as the cartridge. The printer gathers the toner from the hopper

with the developer unit, a small magnetic bits, charged negatively. These are

attached to a rotating metal roller.

The metal roller moves the developer through the toner in the hopper. The

negatively charged bits collect the positive toner particles. The roller then brushes

the bits past the drum assembly. This process is called an electrostatic image, and

it produces a stronger negative charge

The electrostatic image enables the drum to pull the toner particles away. The

drum moves over the paper producing an even stronger charge which collects the

toner to the paper. The paper is then immediately discharged by the detac corona

wire. To keep the toner on the page, the page passes through a fuser. An internal

device then heats the fuser roller. This is called internal quartz tube lamps. This

process melts the plastic in the toner as the page passes through.

Toners must be customized separately based on the printer brand it is meant for.

There are toners which need to be ground in order to become powder. Also, there

are features that need to be considered in buying a toner. These include flow rate,

melting point, and thermal and magnetic qualities.

Toner Refill Kits, Toner refills are commonly offered as kits which comprise of all

pieces necessary to replenish an empty toner cartridge. Toner refill kits have step

by step instructions as well as are easy and fast to operate. Refilling a drained

cartridge using the bottled toner that comes with the kit only takes minutes but can be messy.

Refill kits are also the cheapest alternative for buying a new toner, but not always the best


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May 10th


Five tips to save money when purchasing printer ink or toner
by exceltoner1

Five tips to save money when purchasing printer ink or toner
Have you ever wondered why a lot of printers targeted for home and small office consumers
are cheaply priced? You may not be aware of it, but it is an open secret in the printer
manufacturing industry that printer manufacturers deliberately peg their prices of their printers
down. The reason why they could afford to do so is that they fully expect to make up for their
unrealized profits with the price of their printer ink cartridges.
It totally makes sense from a business point of view. When you buy a particular printer model,
you are committed to buying the printer ink cartridges specifically made for it, no matter how
expensive they are. And printer ink indeed is expensive. This can feel a bit oppressive when it
seems that you have no choice but to buy costly ink cartridges in order to keep using your
Thankfully, you do have a choice and there are ways to keep your printing costs down. Here are
five tips and tricks that you can use to save money on printer ink.

Tip #1: Choose Your Printer Wisely:
The first act that you should make towards saving on printer ink is to start from the very first
step, which is in the purchase of your printer. Before you buy a particular printer model, do
your research first on how much its ink cartridges will cost you. A lot of consumers look at the
cost per volume of the ink. However, this piece of information can be deceptive because it does
not really tell you how many pages an ink cartridge can produce. An ink cartridge that contains
this much ink can sometimes print just as many pages as an ink cartridge that only has half the
amount of ink as the first one. Instead, you should look at the page yield of each cartridge

Tip #2: Consider Your Choices
Aside from the yield of the ink cartridges, you should also consider the technology used on the
printer. For instance, laser printers are more costly than inkjet printers, but laser printers are
actually more cost-effective in the long run. Laser printers generally have a higher page yield
cartridge than inkjet printers. If you are going to do a lot of color printing, you should also opt
for a printer that has separate tanks for each color instead of a printer that has one tank for
black and one tank for colors. Not only are these separate color cartridges a lot cheaper but you
get to replace tanks only as needed.

Tip #3: Print Wisely
This tip may sound silly, but you should print a document only when you need to. You can
definitely extend the life of your ink cartridges this way simply because you are not using them.
On the downside, the ink in your cartridges may dry up from non-usage so make sure that you
print something at least once a week. When you print your documents, you can use draft
settings and grayscale printing instead of the full color gamut if the document you are printing
is only for your reference. In this way, you only get to spend on black ink cartridges on a regular
basis. Black ink is cheaper than colored ones.

Tip #4: Trick Your Printer
It is a sad but undeniable fact that your printer is programmed to lie to you. It is proven that
some printer manufacturers install sensors or software in their printers that are meant to tell
their consumers that the ink cartridges are already empty when they can still yield a few pages
more. Manufacturers like Epson and Hewlett-Packard have faced class-action suits against them
for precisely this reason. But even if your printer lies, you can trick it into telling you the truth.
Some computer-savvy users have shared tips like putting a strip of electric tape over the sensor
of a laser printer to trick it into printing until the toner is really out. There are a lot of such tricks
that you can find on the Internet for your particular printer model. You can also turn to inksaving
software to help you extend the life of your ink cartridges, but make sure that you do
your research about the software first before you buy it.

Tip #5: Buy Remanufactured Ink
The last tip is to buy generic or remanufactured printer ink cartridges instead of the so-called
genuine ones. Generic inks are definitely cheaper than original inks, and many suppliers give
discounts on bulk orders. You can also opt to take your empty ink cartridges to an ink refilling
station. The caveat here is that the printer may refuse to work with the refilled cartridges and
your printer may end up damaged. But then again, sometimes it is better to buy a new printer
than to replace its printer ink cartridges.
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April 27th


Find out if your computer is cost effective or not ?
by exceltoner1

Find out if your computer is cost effective or not ?
Don’t let your printer fool you because printers can steal your money &
your time if you don’t select them carefully. Printers
manufactures are have come up with creative ideas to empty your
wallet through ink and Toner cartridge costs, plus there are some models
of printers which look good and eye catching but when you buy them
they just a waste, with a complicated menu system and
stupidly designed hardware.

The point is how you are going to find out which is the best printer.  So let
me tell you some things which may help you out in that regards.
1:- If your printer is not so costly then find out how much it will
drain from your pocket when purchasing the supplies (ink or toner) for it..
If you get a extremely good deal on a printer then think again before buying it.
This a very common tactic now a days from printer vendors, they will try to sell their printers at a low price, even lower than the manufacturing cost and afterwards they will make all their money back and more when you need to purchase their expensive ink and toner cartridge / drum supplies.

2:- Lower Capacity ink cartridges in printers leads to higher cost per page.
Research has shown that if your printer has a low capacity of ink, then in the future it will cost you more unless you don’t print a lot then it will not matter.
If you print a lot then definitely look for ink / toner cartridges that yield more
then 250 pages or cartridge. Cartridges that yield more than 2000 pages are even more ideal.

3 :-Plain Pages or burst
If your printer requires specially coated papers to produce the best looking output they you have to use a lot of paper.

4:- Slow Printers
If a printer is slow then it will end up using a lot of your time time, its always better to choose recognized printer Brands such as Brother, Canon, HP, Okiadata, Xerox….. because they have
great reputations.

Lastly, you need to find out the most trusted vendor for you, who will help you out in finding the best printer, according to your needs

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April 27th


Some Tips to Consider Before Buying Ink or Toner Cartridged Online
by exceltoner1

We know the holiday season is coming. And nowadays, people generate
and print their own Christmas cards to give these a more personal touch.
But imagine when have to replace your ink or toner cartridge to print
your cards. This is when the holiday season can become a nightmare. It
can be harassing especially when you’re out along with the rest of the
world for some last minute shopping. Aside from joining the “rat race”
in malls and shops, you’ll also be most likely stuck in heavy traffic.
Just thinking about this scenario can pretty much discourage you from
going out of the house and save yourself from all those troubles. This is
where online shopping comes in. Online shopping allows you to shop
and buy what you need without leaving your house. All you need is a
computer and an Internet connection. Good thing we now have online
stores for your printer supply needs. Aside from the convenience of
doing your shopping within the comforts of your own home, buying
toner or ink cartridges.
However, there are a few things that you should know before you
actually make the online purchase. Online shopping is not safe because
there are possibilities of you paying too much or not getting the quality
that you deserve. To address this, Excel Toner gives you a few tips on
how to purchase your ink or toner cartridge online. These tips are
applicable not only to toner and ink cartridges but also to other products
available via online shopping.
Check or verify company information – Technically, you should go for a
company that’s into selling ink and toner cartridges online for several
years. The longer they are in the service, the better. You should look for
companies that have more than two years experience in online selling to
ensure smooth transactions. It is also better if the website carries a
complete address and contact details. A street address is better than a
P.O. Box address. The company should preferably have a toll-free
number or a customer service hotline that is available 24/7. Lastly, the
printer manufacturer or seller should also have a genuine email address
so you can contact them easily, anytime and anywhere. Check out Excel
Toner with seven years experience in online selling.
Good website information – Online companies should have a good and
user-friendly websites. Customers should be able to understand all
information posted and should be able to easily navigate through the
site. Good online companies provide information on their websites
including a glossary of terms that explains all the details about the ink
and toner cartridges that they are selling; FAQ which answers the
common inquiries that the company receives from its customers;
company refund policy which explains how the customer can request for
a refund .
User-friendly product catalog or easy-to-use product selection –
Customers should be able to navigate through the site and find the ink or
toner cartridge that they need easily. This should take only a few
Updated prices – One of the reasons why you opted for online shopping
is because you want to save yourself from the hazards and expenses you
would encounter when you go to a physical store. Online printer
supplies stores should state their prices clearly and plainly. Indicate if
the posted price is valid and up-to-date and if it already includes
shipping costs and other fees. In general, online stores offer cheaper ink
and toner cartridges so you’ll definitely pay less than when you go and
buy from a store.
Money back guarantee – Online companies that sell ink and toner
cartridges should offer an unconditional money back guarantee. This
means that you can always get in touch with the company if you are not
satisfied with their product and arrange for a refund or exchange.
Shipping information – Customers should verify the shipping
information of the online store first before making the purchase. Check
if the company offers free shipping. If not, clarify the shipping cost, lead
time and courier.
Secure server – Always verify if the online store has a secure server to
ensure that your personal information will remain private. This also
makes payment easier and faster.
Privacy policy – When making purchases, customers have to enter their
personal details. A company’s privacy policy ensures that they will not
give your information to other companies and that you will not receive
junk mails or spams.
Order tracking – Online stores provide an order tracking function that
allows customers to see the location and status of their purchase. In
some cases, the online store gives customer the tracking number so they
can track it through the shipping company.
Following these tips will certainly make your purchase transactions
smooth and stress-free. This also ensures that you get the best warranty,
service and products in the market at cheaper costs (of course).
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